Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Meeting the love...She and He...(written in collage days)

Once he felt…
She acts like a child, 
yet has a women’s grace, 
 She is just the one, 
with a radiant face, 
 She has the effect...
 thoughts just reverberates

And then they met…  

He thinks...

She has the silence, 
yet so much she tells,  
She is so unique, 
yet easy she gels, 

 She has the word, 
yet she gives it a miss, 
She has her say,
yet gives him the way  

She has the watch, 
yet he forgets the time, 
 She knows he is wrong,
yet address him sublime, 

 She may have her flaws,
but she is so nice, 
 He may be novice, 
but she is worldly wise  

And the friendship begins… 

She has the mystic aura, 
yet she is purely white  
She is his dream,
as winter’s first sunshine  

They had their time,
yet they could just smile 
 They had their attitude,
yet easy they took 

And it went on to… 

  Is he in love? 
So near yet so far, 
He follows her all day in his car 
He may not be touched, 

but she throbs in his heart, 
 He may not meet her, 
yet she is his part  

She thinks its unreal, not just this time,  
She thinks its no love, friendship just fine, 
 She thinks its crazy, but is it other way? 
 She thinks he’s cute, or is it a cupid’s play 

and then… 

He thinks of her, let go of a smile 
It’s just a fad, it may be her style 
 He thinks it may not be love, but why she is so divine?  
Stupid, between friendship and love there is thin line 

it happened… 

Cupid has its way, the arrows are out...

Heart skips a beat, blood runs so fast  
They think its hazy, they’ll go crazy  
They think its too fast, will it long last? 


She is his muse, his thoughts just alight 
He is colored hue, of evening twilight  
She is untouched dew of mountain bay, 
 He is the spark where glittering jewels lay 

Love is to give; there is no better way 
 It won’t just change even for his future fame 
It won’t just change if the relation has no name 
 It lets you go, but destiny had a nasty game… 

sadly it was not meant to be...

He never knew how the end begin, 
 She know that they never meet again,  
They prayed to god, that they wanna meet  
They had the faith, never accept a defeat 

the rest was imagination of time...

The affair got locked no one could stand apart, 
Love gonna stay, till last breath sways, 
 No one could know when they depart,  

Their longing for each other was just class apart  
Yet every breath, they prayed that thou should be mine, 
Alas, their love was a teardrop trapped in time  

They met the god, where were you God said to them, was both in you