Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Want to be Rich and Prosperous?

ant to be Rich? I have the secret! Chapter 2 - 7 points of Prosperity consciousness (Updated)
Well who does'nt want to get rich? Otherwise you wont be reading this article! This article is about your way to riches,prosperity, prosperity consciousness and it will hold true to a person who is rich inside first, as the same person who is rich inside first will eventually become rich outside. 

Poverty first starts in mind then to the body and to the material world thats why they say poverty is disease of mind, so lets make the same thing opposite, if a person is prosperity conscious, is'nt it opposite of poverty? I thought lemme give my honest opinions and what I am going to write down is very very important and very very difficult to put in practice. (You Bet!) Friends, below given are some of the basic 7 principles to be rich(est) and I wont type long but in simple ways and mind you if you do follow the below given points then you are on way to become a future millionaire but you need to follow as I typed earlier that its easy to read and difficult to follow. So, the below given  points are 

1. Have Goals in life - You must have strong compelling passionate desire to succeed in your profession or business to be rich. You must have clear, step by step outline of your goals in relation to time and proper executing pattern. I dont wanna say more coz you know your goals and if by any chance you dont know your goals then better read this quote "Give me an accountant who has goals in his life and in 10 years you will find him a millionaire and give me an millionaire who has no goals in life and in a decade you will find not even an accountant". Clear, authentic, properly defined goals with time are very very important.

2. Love your Work and specialize - You must love your work so much that you enjoy it day in and day out. As you go on enjoying your work, you will realize that you have special creativity in you and after this becomes an habit, you wont be actually working but meditating on your work. How nice is that feeling so just do it with all your heart,mind and soul. You have to be master in your chosen work, you have to be a specialist. (if you fail here, go back to point one, you must have correct goals not confused goals) 

3.Earn more then you can spend - Control your expenses.How simple! it means that you gotta earn more and spend less, isnt it simple? yet many people have less earnings and they end up spending more this is an impediment to success and you must ensure that your earnings are more then your spendings. You must know the difference between productive expenditure and unproductive expenditure. Dont go on hire-purchase,instalments for the lure of gizmos,furniture,mortaging homes that you pay principal amout and then pay balance in instalments, this is marketing methods applied by all the corporate companies in the world to lure people(greed) and make them pay from their noses, hence to avoide that you must be debt-free person so... 

4. Live a debt-free life - Now you know that you have goals and you enjoy your work, the first step to become rich is to have debt free life. You should not take loans, loans not only give you tensions but actually keep away your thinking and attitude from your goals. You must never borrow or lend money unless you have complete faith and trust and its in written form. You must be a debt-free person to feel the freedom that will multiply your money faster and will lead you to secure savings 

5. Savings - Now you dont have debts to pay, you enjoy your work/profession and your income is more then your expenditure a very very nice stage set for your fortune. Yes a great fortune. Now here is where you save your money in Banks (I mean scam free banks ) or consult with professional or if you have knowledge of stock exchange, or real estate you would be doing wonders with your savings that appreciate with time. 

6. Protect and guard your money - very very wisely you gotta protect and guard your money that is your fortune. I need not explain this point as everyone is smart enough to do that and if anyone isnt smart then ha ha! (s)he wont be rich. 

7. Learn to contribute - This does'nt apply as an hard principle to becoming rich but nothing comes to you unless you give something from yourself. One must be giving something to get something. Service is the rent we pay to live on this mother earth. Well you guessed it, when you have your belly full and you are happy with your lifestyle, remember there are lesser mortals who need your social services., who have no basic needs like food,clothing and shelter and you gotta provide at least your conscience permits you to as its the law of nature that money wont stay with a person who keeps it stagnent. Then, it becomes like stagnent water, all dirty and not moving hence, once you have reached your goals learn to give, in giving you will recieve not only good health but peace of mind as someone rightly told that a man goes on earning money in his youth only to end up as an old man in hospital. So friends, now you know the basic steps to be rich! rich not only by money but super rich, successful and with peace of mind. I sincerely believe in the aforesaid 7 points that you've just read. And I honestly feel that anyone who applies this points it will be very very difficult for that person to fail. Reader, I wish you all the success, all the good riches and all the best for your journey to be super rich. Amen.

Chapter 2 : Prosperity Consciousness

As stated earlier that the aforesaid points are easy to read, but difficult to put in real practice but with little discipline and good inner value system it can be worked upon and that would eventually result in a good habit. Reader, on your way you should also have prosperity consciousness. This article that I am typing actually dates back 11th of November 1998, where I finished my MBA and had written for the keeps, who knew that time this would one day be a blog. Below given are some of the musings of prosperity consciousness. 

1.Know the first 7 steps of being rich. (Chapter 1) 

2.Counting Money : Know the way to count your money. When you count the money it must be counted in such a way so that it must come to you. This tip is a great psychological motivator. Take it seriously. 

3. Money attracts money: Take a 1000/- note, (Indian Rupees) or if you are in other country, take the currency that is highest and fold it round, tie it with rubberband, keep it in your wallet and NEVER spend it. Keep the same notes in your business drawyers, Cash counters, or the place where you keep your money. This is an ancient Indian secret were the wise men told that money attracts money. You may be tempted to use it but never spend this. I know you may think what kind of tip is this? but trust me, once you start keeping this, it will do a great deal to your prosperity consciousness and self esteem. 

4. Never abuse money instead show respect for it - You know the saying "you lose what you critisize" and how many of times you have heard people abusing money? many many times! see the same people! Chances are that they might have by this time lost more money then they had before. People who dont get money often complain of it that is ok but abusing money is the sure shot way to lose money. Never do it for money's sake. Show respect for money and you will prosper. 

5. Never feel bad when you lose money - There will be a time when you may lose money. Never feel bad about it. You must rejoice. Anything god takes away from you, he is bound to give you something better and bigger, BUT the time between taking and giving may differ at this juncture this may be your testing time. Have patience and dont forget what ever happens is for your own good. At this time keep your mind open for opportunities this is the best teacher you can ever get in your life. Why teacher is because testing time (or people call it bad time or hard time) actually teaches us things that we cant learn in Harvards or Cambridges, this is the time to gain real experience and use your talents. This is the time where your prosperity consciousness will be tested to maximum., Remember you gotta be rich first inside you and then outside may follow. 

6.Law of multiples: The law of multiples says that what ever you give from your thought,actions and deeds will come back to you in multiples. You need to bless the money when its goin out from you and when you get services done. For example you take the services of a porter, tell yourself that I am giving you this money for your services rendered. May this money give you peace, prosperity and happiness to you and your family. Same applies to people who have more money then you, give positive vibrations and you will get positive vibrations. If by any chance you give negative vibrations to a person who has more money, you indirectly are telling yourself ohh poor me! hence remember the law of multiples, you get what you set in your mind. Enrich your prosperity consciousness with only positive vibrations. (Reader, if you know the secret to empower your subconscious mind JUST DO IT or kindly read the book The power of your subconscious mind by Jospeh Murphy) 

7. Avoid rattling and stagnant money: never keep money that rattles in your purse, keep the attitude of "keep the change" let coins dont give rattling noise. Avoid coins in your pocket. Grasp brand new notes they do a great deal to prosperity consciousness.

Conclusion - You must be rich inside first to be prosperity conscious. Keep your goals in mind, be the best in your work, and make your way to riches. Remember one last thing you cant possess money., Money needs circulation or else it will go away this is tricky and will need another blog but for time being this much do a great deal for prosperity consciousness. I wish you all the riches!