Friday, November 24, 2006

When Jathimalli went to stage

We sometimes are afraid of stage and public speaking. It happend this year with none other then Jathimalli. We all were gathered on new year eve in Malasia and welcoming 2006. It was a large gathering of 500 people. I was on back stage and thought that let me pull a prank on Jathimalli.
My friends Chamy Tan and Babdi Lee are quite creative in their pranks to tease Jathimalli ji. So they go to the stage and announce
"Hey Chamitooo! the evening is going well"
"Hey Babs you bet!"
"Say why dont we introduce the next public speaker"
"Oh yeah! she is the one who can play Sitar like a rockstar"
"Oh yes! and she rocks"
Jathimalli was in the audience and thought that they are playing a prank but she did not know what to expect.
"So, let us invite none other then the guiness world record holder Ms.Jathimalli and listen to her in awe how she plays Sitar in Guitar way...Ms.Malli can you please share your divine experience?"
Everyone was curious, and the spotlight went on Jathimalli. With no other option she was in limelight and had to walk to the stage and everyone started clapping and of course the bunch of yo yo guys started to hoot!
She walks up to stage (in slow motion) and starts her speech
"Human mind! Human mind is know...right from the birth and till death it functions very effectievly"
She does not know what to speak. She has this faint feeling that she may get drowsy with rum choclates that she ate.
"Human mind ! ahhh every extraordinary, you know right from birth till death its extraordinary ... but it stops and does not know what to do at one point...when you are on stage and you have a mike"

The way to the truth

“You had thorn in your feet, you take another thorn to remove the stung thorn and then you throw both the thorns” It happened in 1986. Two youths left to Kanyakumari down south in India and joined an aashram of a very wise mystic guru. While Rajendra was very intelligent, his friend Ved was just average. While Rajendra knew all the scriptures and still had some doubts about religions, Ved was not at all well versed. But both got attracted to the guru’s teaching and his Satsang. Its 2006 now. Rajendra still has not attained what he looked for. His mind is still in doubt. When he gets the answer of one another question comes up. And Ved has nothing else to ask to his guru. 20 years have passed. Everyday Rajendra comes up with some question or other and then fed up with his being in aashram. He tells Rajendra that he should quit being a Saanyasi. “But I want to know the truth” “How will you know truth through your mind? Your own knowledge is a hindrance to you. In the initial stage knowledge is needed but remember that knowledge is a thorn. And you take another thorn to remove that thorn and then throw both of them” “I joined you because I liked your disclosures I was attracted to your mind” “You were attracted not because of my mind, actually your mind had doubts and you thought I gave more clarity to it” “You gave me sanyaas” “I did not, you asked for it, what I gave you was compassion” “What is my mistake?” “That you always questioned from mind, you did not drop it, and your heart chakra was never active. You loved only yourself.” It is true that knowledge is needed in initial stages but then knowledge will not lead you to the doors of heaven. Love is the only way. knowledge is limited but love is not.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

When to stop?

Chamy Tan takes his son Ching Choo Tan to the 7th heaven pub. They have many drinks and are now very dizzy. Ching Choo asks Pa! Tell me when to stop? When is the right time? Chamy points to the opposite table where a couple is seated one man and his wife. He says do you see those four men? When they will appear not to be four but 5 it’s the right time to stop. Ching Choo Tan says, but Pa there are not 4 people there…I think I see 8.
Later both go out of the pub and sit in the car and are about to start the car but a policeman comes and tells hey mister! you just cant walk how are you going to go home? Chamy Tan and Ching choo Tan laugh out loud and say Yes! officer we are drunk and cant walk but who said we cant drive!!!


There was a powerful emperor who has conquered many countries and there was no need for him to go for greener pastures. The people in his nation were quite content and happy. The taxes were less and trade flourished. Happiness, health and prosperity were blooming in his rule this was his golden of his dynasty. This king was wise for his age. He had best of the advisers and he promoted art and culture to flourish too. It so occurred to him that when he will die, what is he going to take from this world? He has done charity, he has done what ever he can in good faith of god and yet he thought what is it that I am going to take from this world? Will I make any difference? No! Even if I die either my son will rule or some other person. What can I give then to this world? Then the king thought let me call a counsel and get the best wise men to gather all the positive, life giving, and inspirational knowledge to the world where my men will study all the great personalities and then compile the knowledge in volumes. The next day he puts forth his idea and everyone obviously agrees. It took more then 500 men and eleven years to gather all the knowledge that is needed for a human being to progress in life. But there was a problem. It took 20 men to carry the volumes of books that were compiled. The king was in dilemma. He ordered his men to cut the volumes and get only the gist of the knowledge. Only the bear essentials facts have to be put and remove all those things that are not needed. After a year the men bought 20 volumes of books and yet king told them that still reduce it. Make it more precise. I just want one book. Again it took 8 months for those hard working wise men to separate essential from non-essential. And then a 300 pages book was presented to the king. The king heard every word with utmost interest and yet he was not happy. He ordered that no matter it takes more time reduce it to just 20 pages. Now this was next to impossible. Yet who deny the king? So it took again a year to come with what king wanted. When it was read to the king he was happy and showered his men with precious gifts and words of gratitude. But he told them to reduce it to just one page. The king told that it may look absurd but don’t be surprised if I may then tell you to reduce what you have been doing for years to even one line. So again there was a debate with clever wise men and they too did not want to give up. Those men worked hard, and came up with just half a page. The king was mighty happy with the hard work his men were keeping with. He in fact, joked upon himself that if he was not the king this would not have been possible and he told his people that it would not be wrong if you people think that I am mad but I want you people to make this into just one line. By this time those wise men knew what was coming as they were with this work for years now and everyone had a hearty laugh. But wise men are not fools. They know that their king is anything but a fool. They know that he has hunger for knowledge and he was the seeker of truth he was not only spiritual man but also very practical one. After 3 months, they came up with what king has ordered. And it was just one line. In fact it had just four words. Imagine it took them so many years to first seek the right knowledge and then they reduced the whole gamut of knowledge in just four words. When king read that he was most satisfied. He rewarded his folks with gratitude and wanted these four words to be understood by every person in practice. What were the four words? What was in those four words that have taken years of clever research of wise men? What magic would be in those words that had that would stand the test of time in any given situation? Those four words were “This too shall pass” So when we are being praised, the world sings to our tunes, when we get highest recognition, when it seems that world is at our feet, when we feel we can touch the stars, when other people are praising us and when everything is going great remember the four words – this too shall pass But when the world is bad to us, when life seems a burden, when care is pressing you down a bit, when no body is there to love you, when no body understands you, when ill luck is your companion, when bad times are playing tricks on you, when you have relationships problems, when nothing seems to going right remember the four words – this too shall pass

Classroom – who bothered?

When I was learning film making we had all kinds of lectures. Some of them were quite boring. The theory of identification was the most boring of them all as our teacher Mr.Mathur would start a topic and then forget what he is telling and jump to some other topic. One such topic started was the problem of ever growing population in India and how India will over take China in just few decades. And then out of the blue Mr.Mathur started a new topic on birth control and contraceptives and condoms. If that was not enough, he went to extent of Vatican view on birth control and this was turning of something very boring and Mr.Mathur goes on with his talk… Pope too was taking wise men counsel and they all came with natural birth control exercise that if you do that after physical love making, you will not get child and all that and then he went to tell that despite this remedies people still produce children, we all are creatures of lust, and he told who bothered? About Vatican views? Who bothered? Silence! Then I told him “Pope” Pope bothered sir!

When astrology fails

This story dates back over 600 odd years in ancient India. Parth was a poor farmer. Last year he had given up on his agriculture and worked as a bonded laborer. He had two children and an understanding wife but he lived in guilt because he could not give two morsels of food to them. In fact for him, the most difficult challenge was - when the next square meal comes from. He always talked to lord Shiva but he could not bear him self the burden of life. He often thought that he should end this life but then stopped doing it because he has a family. His friends often told that take your horoscope to Aryabhatta and see what remedy he can give you. Aryabhatta was a famous astrologer in those times. He was undisputed in his predictions. His knowledge of astrology was so much profound that he would predict next ten years eclipses. The people believed him because what ever he had predicted has come true for the betterment of not only kings, but common men. Parth sets out to meet Aryabhatta covering many miles and finally at dusk he reaches Aryabhatta house. He goes to where Aryabhatta is seated and bows before him and tells him that he has come with his horoscope and he wants to know his future and hands the horoscope to Aryabhatta. The astrologer looks at the horoscope and a gloom falls onto his face. It (horoscope) calculations clearly tell that Parth would die at 2 in the night. Now astrologer thinks that it would not be a good idea to tell Parth that he will die hence he tells that O Partha, I cannot give predictions at this time as the sun has set, why you don’t come tomorrow as this is against the rules of astrology to tell me your future at the time of sunset. Parth tells Aryabhatta that he will surely come tomorrow and bows down to the astrologer and goes away. Aryabhatta tells disciples that we will not be able to see him again as he is going to die at 2 in the night. The next day, a disciple comes running to Aryabhatta and tells that Parth is waiting downstairs. Aryabhatta whose prediction has never gone wrong even to the extent of knowing if the horoscope is right or wrong for the first time he gets to know that according to his calculations, the farmer must be dead by now and still living? Aryabhatta goes to his consulting chamber and Parth stands up and bows down to him. Aryabhatta himself goes to Parth and touch him to know if it is really the farmer or his ghost. But when he touches him he knows that he is not dead. So the astrologer asks for his horoscope and it’s again clearly written that he will die at 2 in the night. There must be some intervention. He asks Parth, O farmer can you tell me what you did yesterday after taking your leave? The farmer says why I am new to this place and I don’t know anyone hence I thought it would not be nice to go and ask for a nights rest in anybody’s home. I am not that rich to take boarding and lodging as life has been hard on me. So I thought I will go to the end of village, find a tree and then sleep and leave the rest to god. And what did you do after that? Well, when I went there, I found that there is an abandoned Shiva temple. I thought it would not be right for me to sleep under a tree as some wild animal may come and eat me as it is my time is running bad hence I thought let me go and sleep in the Shiva temple. And what you did after that? Ah, I could not get sleep. I came to you with utmost faith and I had many questions in life. I thought let me see my life like a play and then I was going through my past and then a thought crossed my mind. Wait sorry to interrupt you, what time it was in the night and what was your thought at that time? Well, I might be say 2 in the night and I saw lord Shiva linga no body cleans this temple. I thought why not make use of this time and I started to talk to the lord telling him to change my destiny, requesting him to make my family happy, and by doing so I cleaned the entire temple. I don’t know but in silence peace prevailed there, that which I have not experience in my entire life. So I told the lord that give me problems but also in between give me little joy where I can see my family happy. Aryabhatta listens to this man who has through his unconditional love towards his family and genuine feelings has melt lord Shiva heart. He hands over the horoscope to Parth and tells him that all your problems are solved. Go back to your home and rejoice in the name of god as your good time has just started.

Class room - Selective listening

Psychologists are now working on a new theory called selective listening. You listen to only that which is important to you and nothing more. But how to know what is important and unimportant? Ha! I told you those psychologists are debating. Now let’s take a joke on this selective listening that is one of my favorite. The location is Harvard University. There are over hundred students gathered in a classroom as it was announced that Mr.Steve King would come and lecture on ghosts. And Mr.King through his power point presentations gives the pictures of ghosts and also some audio clips. Later it’s an open forum. Question and answer time. Where Mr.king has a question and asks who has seen a ghost? Raise your hands please! 20 hands are raised! Mr.King knows that he such number of people are possible so he asks more specific question. He asks how many of you in the class room have actually felt a ghost? 12 hands are raised. Then he asks the class room more specific question…how many of you have had the privilege where ghosts have talked to you? Again 8 hands are raised. So Mr.King narrows his question and tells the class room, Ok how many of you have made love to a ghost? One hand rises! Oh! My I can’t believe it! There is a person who has made love to a ghost! Well young man may I know your name please? Duh! What? Your name please?? Oh yes my name is Mohan Ok Mr.Mohan why don’t you come to the dais and share your experience please? Uh Ok! So Mr.Mohan comes to the dais and is handed over the mike. Mr.King tells Mohan ok tell your experience of making love to Ghosts Whaaaaa did ya say? Mr.King again tells Mohan please tell your experience of making love to ghosts! Mohan replies…Ghosts? Duh! I thought you were all this while talking about Goats!!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

In madhouse with Moontears, Jess & the Queen!

This is very old story that dates back to last millennium. There was a beautiful girl name Moontears in her late 20’s who drank wine and announced to all the people that she is the messenger of god and her word is final. Jesus Christ is out of date and stands cancelled. She has come to give new revelations to the world. She told that some new things have to be added to Bible and Jesus was messenger up to this period on earth, but since I have arrived - you have to listen to me. It was very surprising that a messenger will come in female form. The word went to the queen and her majesty tells to put Moontears into Victoria’s secret jail. The queen herself went and told her “Moonie, I am giving you one day time to prove that you are the real messenger and if you are not proving then I have to keep you in madhouse.” Moontears laughed. She told hey “Dyo Dyo Queeney bee, it’s written in scriptures that messengers are always treated badly so this proves that I am a messenger appointed by god. Only god has appointed me and only he can change anything”. After 24 hours, Moontears is taken to yo yo mad house. The queen comes and tells her to get well soon from her madness and when this is going on other blond girl who was having coffee with a banana, by name Jess, was held in mad house started laughing. So the queen asked why you are laughing Jess? She said “I have never appointed this woman to be messenger I won’t allow such non sense. After Jesus Christ I have not allowed any messenger to come to earth”

The difference and the deception

What happens when a painter has got it all at a young age of 23? Agatsya was a painter in ancient Bihar and his fame was wide spread. He never worked for money and he wanted to give up painting as he felt that he has done it all. He wanted to paint his last stroke on canvas and he announced that he will search the most innocent face on earth and then after that he will retire to pursue other interests in life.
A search started to find one of the most innocent faces in the country. Every time someone bought a beautiful girl, or an innocent man, Agatsya would find some fault with the personality. Finally after 2 years of searching he gave up. It was not soon that he again got the muse back. When he was horse riding he saw a Shepard boy and that was it! He knows that this is the most innocent face he has ever seen and he ordered his men to request the boy to pose for his painting. The boy obliged as he was paid well. It took more then 8 months for Agatsya to paint one of his last creations to the world. And when the painting came out, the king was so happy and overcome with the artistic stroke of brush that he gave loads of wealth and gold coins to the young painter. The painter later got married and lived a happy life for the next 55 years. When he was 78 years, the urge to paint again came back. Even till this date his paintings were looked as unbeatable and sold in markets for premium antiques. He announced again to the world that he will paint his last painting. Just the last one - this time it will not be on innocence but on the most fearsome human face - ever. A search started to find a man like that. It took them many days when Agatsya was told that there is a man who has killed more then 40 people. He was told that this man is a living beast. He has robbed people, raped, killed and did all that is forbidden. Agatsya was told that this man is on death sentence and will be hanged next month. Agatsya did not waste time and wanted to meet this man in the jail. A request was made and when the man came to know that one of the most reverend painter wants to paint him - he too obliged. So the old painter started to paint and he did a marvelous job. Within a month, he could get the painting done and again people said that Agatsya is unbeatable and nobody can paint like him. But in the last meeting Agatsya was with that man in jail and he suddenly died of shock. Everyone was surprised and when they ask the prisoner he said that Agatsya died of shock. As he could not bear that he has been deceived by his own work. Later it was revealed that the painting that depicted innocence of Shepard boy was the same man that depicted brutality of the man in jail – both were same persons.

George Bush meets peepee

George Bush goes to a primary school to talk about the war. After his talk he offers question time. Master Peepee puts up his hand and George asks him what his name is? "Master peepee." And what is your question, peepee?" "I have 3 questions. First, why did the USA invade Iraq without the support of the UN? Second, why are you President when Al Gore got more votes? And third, whatever happened to Osama Bin Laden?" Just then the bell rings for recess. George Bush informs the kiddies that they will continue after recess. When they resume George says, "OK, where were we? Oh that's right - question time. Who has a question?" a little girl puts up her hand. George points her out and asks her what her name is. "Miss peepee" "And what is your question, miss peepee?" "I have 5 questions. First, why did the USA invade Iraq without the support of the UN? Second, why are you President when Al Gore got more votes? Third, whatever happened to Osama Bin Laden? Fourth, why did the recess bell go off 20 minutes early? And fifth, what the heck happened to moi mister peepee?"

what you seek is also seeking you

Junaid wanted to have a master he started out on his spiritual journey and where ever he heard that there is a master he would go to that person and enquire if he is the master but all the time Junaid would not feel he is getting the right master. Once it so happened that he met a fakir and asked are you my master? Do you know? The fakir replied that don’t you know look at me and feel. Junaid replied that I don’t feel anything. Just show me the path so that I can reach my master. The fakir tells Junaid to go to Mecca for a pilgrimage and later look for a man who will be seated under a tree, where you will find his eyes very bright, and you will feel perfume like musk around him. Go and seek. 20 years passed and Junaid traveled and traveled. Where ever he came to know that a fakir is present he would go and seek. After such two decades, finally he could find a fakir that was described to him 20 years back. Junaid goes to that fakir and feels the fragrance, the bright eyes and very positive aura floating. Junaid tells the fakir O master I have been looking for you for 20 long years. I also have been looking for you the same time Junaid. Look closely at me. To the amazement of Junaid it’s the same old fakir he met 20 years back. What you played a joke on me I wasted 20 years for this? The old man said that would not have helped you. You did not have the eyes to see me then. I am still the same man you met that time too but you did not have the eyes to see me and feel me. These 20 years made you seek and feel life, now you are capable of feel. The years gone past have rubbed you hard and all the dust has fallen and your mind is clear and now the contact with truth is possible.

Wrong Belief

It has not rained in Abdasa part of Kutch in Gujarat. This is a very dry place near Indian border. So all the elders of the village get ready for the yagna and they call all the Brahmin's for the same. Hundreds of people are gathered. The Brahmin's are chanting mantras to appease the rain god and then villagers take noon break from the rituals. When they come back after their noon meals they find a boy of 9 years coming back with an umbrella. Everyone is surprised why a boy is coming with an umbrella when there are no rains for many years. The father of the boy scolds the kid and says are you crazy? Why do you need an umbrella? The boy tells his father that we all have gathered here for rain to come and when rain will pour where are we going to cover our heads? Some people laugh at the boy and say you fool don’t you see that there are no clouds in the sky? And the boy says then why are you people performing yagna?

when love and friendship went to god

It so happened that Love and Friendship had an argument as to who is greatest among them. They ask many others but they could not get a proper judge to their characters. Finally they went to god. Love put his case to god that he is the reason people breath. He is the reason families are born. He is the reason people hope for. He is the reason for two hearts to merge. And love goes on with his talk and god listens to him with lots of patience. When it comes to Friendship, friendship tells god that what ever love has told I agree with it but love can also give pain, trouble, heartbreak and what not. You may find that love may be great but when love puts a tear on someone face, I am always there to wipe that tear and put smile back on the person’s face.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

spychology and Dr.Lastwave strange patients - Mr.Mike and Mr.Shub

I met Dr.Lastwave at an Indian restaurant by name Yoga stew owned by our friend Ksu. I asked the doctor what makes the doctor come out on such a busy Monday, and he tells me that he came here to buy couches. Ahhh Doc! You enjoy ‘spychology’ Nice way to impress ladies eh with your ‘stastichicks’! The doctor winks and I think this man would never be old! Dr.lastwave always said that silence is his major weapon., no wonder outside his consultancy room he would been normally seen at malls and often watching ‘The silence of the Lambs’ I ask the doctor, hey you meet all kinds of people with strange problems, and how do you keep your sanity levels intact? Doctor says that he has a way with it since long. While munching on Butter-Panner-Masala-Dosas, we had a hearty laugh and when I ordered Starbucks coffee the doctor had a strange laugh. When asked for the reason he told me that recently he had a strange patient with some amazing family problems and this was a singularly funny case that ever came in his career. Now I know that he would never tell me the name of the patient, due to confidentiality - still, I was interested to know what the case was. When I prod him further, Dr.lastwave says ok Kai! Let’s name the patient as Mike so that I can keep the person identity a secret. I nod in affirmative. You know Kaizen, it was cold afternoon and Mike enters my office. This man is in his early 40’s just another American dude with unwashed denim and A T-shirt that has Bill Clinton & Monica’s cartoon faces. Initially, he is reluctant to speak but soon when I question him, I come to know that he has some peculiar family problems. To make Mike comfortable I ask him weather he wants to have tea or coffee and he says it would be ok if he can have starbucks coffee. So I order it anyway. When Jules brings the coffee, Mike again asks me if he can add a shot of brandy in the coffee. I was quite shocked but thought that may ease him a bit. Mike starts to add more of brandy and then takes the gulp and after some time he starts to cry. I was quite puzzled at this strange man and thought to give him time. When I question him more, about his wife he says his relationship with his wife is great but yet there is family problem. Then what is the problem? He cries more and then says there is a strange problem concerning relationships…just give me time. After a good five minutes when he does not speak up I tell him Hey mike its ok every family has problems I am here to help you and unless you don’t speak about it how would I know? Lets simplify it…this puts mike in such a frenzy and then he reveals and goes on to say…something unimaginable Please listen to my situation that I am into. A few years ago I met a young widow by name Amanda with a grown up daughter by name Amy and me and Amanda got married. So that makes Amy my step daughter. I never know but my Pa Tyson loved my step daughter Amy and to my surprise Amy too fell in love with my father Tyson. Later, my father Tyson married my stepdaughter that is Amy. That made my stepdaughter Amy my stepmother and my father Tyson became my stepson. Also my wife Amanda became mother in law of her father in law that is Tyson. Then the daughter of my wife, my stepmother - Amy had a son name Mojo. This boy was my half brother because he was my father’s son, but he was also the son of my wife original daughter which made him my wife grandson. That made me the grandfather of my half brother Mojo. This was nothing until my wife and I had a son name Sunny. Now the sister of my son my mother in law, is also the grandmother. This makes my father the brother in law of my child whose stepsister is my father’s wife. I am my stepmother’s brother in law, my wife is her own child’s aunt, my son is my fathers nephew and I am my own grandfather and you think this is simple?????????? I had the heartiest laugh about this strange case and if this was not enough Dr.Lastwave reminds me of another common person we know by name Shubanker also called as Shub from Indi Xeon Street. So I ask the doctor ‘yap whatever happened to Shubbie?’ and the doctor says Kaizen, another cold afternoon I was quite free and watching planet of the apes TV series. Unexpectedly a visitor comes to my secretary Jules and declares that he knows me and wants to see me. So I tell Jules to send him in. I am surprised to find Shub. He just comes in with a sad face and falls on the couch and tells me… Do I need to call you Doctor here or just by the name Lasty? I tell him if its for counseling then we better have a professional attitude, as you know Kaizen how Shub is – very unpredictable. OK doc! I have a strange problem! Please go on, and Shub makes another unpredictable request to me…he asks, so Doc all Looney people come here, all psychos, mad people right? I tell him go on with the purpose of the visit. Shub looks up as if he is trying to explain something very important and then abruptly declares Hey Doc! Can you make me a split personality? I was quite amused and ask him are you drunk or something Shub? Shub says No I am not drunk or joking Doc! Can you make me a split personality? I ask him do you know what a split personality is. Oh come on Doc! Let’s not go into all those theory I want you to make me a split personality OK! I ask him why you want to be a split personality. He looks hard at my face and then says Oh Doc because I am bored with myself and I am lonely as ever! Ha Ha ha! So Doc! You were watching ‘Planet of the Apes’ when Shubbie paid a visit to you. You Bet! Kaizen and you know the missing link that Darwin forgot in evolution of spices…ha ha the missing link between humans and apes may just be our good old Shubbie!!! What would happen if guys like Mike and Shub don’t exist ha ha ha! After the meeting with Doctor I had other things to attend to. I bid adieu to doc and can’t help to remember a line from one of the plays that went like… It’s not necessary to talk sense, because non-sense has its own sense and very few sensible people have the sense to sense non-sense in sensible way.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Chamy Tan adventures in Timbuktu

The adventure of Chamy tan in a new landIt is 18th century china where there is a small village and people in that village are content and happy. Today they have formed a meeting to send one of their smartest village folk by name Chamy tan to a foreign land.
It so happened that one youth in past went to seek his fortune in Timbuktu his name was Babdi lee and he invited his childhood friend Chamy tan too. Chamy is asking the permission of the village head Joyteema lee so that he can go to Timbuktu as he is suffering from back pain since years. The villagers agree to send Chamy to Timbuktu. Chamy arrives at Timbuktu and is welcomed by Babdi Lee who is a stock market trader often fighting with the locals in his barter trade. It so happened that one day Chamy lost his way to home and found himself in another city. He found that he neither knows the local language nor is aware of anything that goes in this country side. He saw a large mansion where pleasant looking, happy people were going in that mansion. He too followed them. He saw that there were many tables and chairs and people were having a feast. He too went and sat on one of the chairs. He was hungry. A majestic person came to him and bows down and in return Chamy Tan too bows and the person speaks to Chamy and this Chinaman just bows down and nods in affirmative. After some time, he was served one of the most delicious food he ever tasted and looked around where people were so happy. Chamy relished the food and he thought that it may be a king’s feast in honor of the democratic citizens and many guests still were coming and going out of the mansion. After he finished his lunch, he stood up and bow to the nearby person who was waiting there. He was very much thankful to the person who served him unforgettable food. He bowed to him and smiled. But that man bought him a bill. This mansion happens to be a hotel and Chamy does not know and neither had he seen anything like this in his life so he again bows down and says yes! I like your food. The waiter tells him to give money and Chamy thinks he is thanking me for coming here and he too in retrospect thanks and takes the bill and keeps in his pocket. The waiter is surprised as to what to do with this foreigner. Meanwhile Chamy thinks these people are really good. They gave me so much respect and so much love that I will tell this adventure in China. The waiter takes Chamy to manager. The manager has a good look at this strange looking fellow. That time Chamy thinks that this may be king’s right hand man and he wants to say something important hence Chamy again bows to this man and thanks him and smiles at him. The manager thinks this fellow is too smart and sends him to local court house. Chamy is then taken to the court and everyone is watching him and some people are finding this Chinese man humorous. But Chamy thinks that they all are giving me honour, love and respect and maybe they are waiting for someone important. Just then the magistrate arrives and everyone stands up. Chamy tan now thinks this is the king here who has come personally to ask about my welfare. So he bows down to him. The magistrate tries his best to explain to him to pay money to the hotel but Chamy again bows to him and says thank you. The magistrate then speaks to him in sign language and Chamy thinks that maybe he is asking me about my back pain and he shows his back to him. The magistrate gets angry and thinks this china man is very smart and orders the local police to make him sit on a donkey and give five thrashings on his back. Everyone stands up and Chamy thinks that king is going and hence he thanks him and smiles at him as to how the majestic king himself came to meet him. Chamy is being seated on a donkey and on his neck it’s written that this man is a crook and he is taken by 10 policemen. Chamy thinks this is my procession and the king is very happy to make his folks see the new foriegner. He smiles and thanks god that he has got such a wonderful people around him. Besides the locals there are many kids who are laughing behind and dancing about this china man but Chamy thinks that the kids are so happy in this part of the world. On every street Chamy is smiling at the onlookers who are equally smiling at the china man. Chamy thinks this is really a great country. Then he is taken to the top of country side and he is told to remove his shirt. He smiles and bows down and a policeman comes and gives him 5 thrashings on his back. At first Chamy does not understand what is happening but Lo and behold!
His back pain is gone and now Chamy is dancing with restless joy. The back pain he had for years and the reason he came to Timbuktu, without paying any money his back pain of years has gone. While he is dancing the hundreds of people gathered too are looking at this china man and laughing their guts. Again Chamy is taken on the donkey and this time Chamy is still bowing to each and every person who is smiling at him. On his way back, in the crowd he sees Babdi Lee his friend who is shocked to see Chamy Tan on an Ass. Chamy waves to him but looking at the situation Babdi ignores him and goes away. Chamy at first feels very happy to see Babdi Lee as this is first time his own country man has seen and his joy is more but Babdi Lee goes away and Chamy thinks Babdi is jealous of his popularity and his procession goes on till sunset. When no one is around Babdi Lee comes to Chamy Tan and asks how he is? Chamy tells this is one amazing country the people here are so wise. How did they know that I suffered back pain? First they gave me delicious food, then they made me meet king’s men, then the king himself and then they made me go around city free of cost for sight seeing and if this was not enough they even cured me of the back ache that I suffered for years.
Babdi Lee thinks there won’t be any more positive person then this man and yes Ignorance is bliss.