Wednesday, November 22, 2006


There was a powerful emperor who has conquered many countries and there was no need for him to go for greener pastures. The people in his nation were quite content and happy. The taxes were less and trade flourished. Happiness, health and prosperity were blooming in his rule this was his golden of his dynasty. This king was wise for his age. He had best of the advisers and he promoted art and culture to flourish too. It so occurred to him that when he will die, what is he going to take from this world? He has done charity, he has done what ever he can in good faith of god and yet he thought what is it that I am going to take from this world? Will I make any difference? No! Even if I die either my son will rule or some other person. What can I give then to this world? Then the king thought let me call a counsel and get the best wise men to gather all the positive, life giving, and inspirational knowledge to the world where my men will study all the great personalities and then compile the knowledge in volumes. The next day he puts forth his idea and everyone obviously agrees. It took more then 500 men and eleven years to gather all the knowledge that is needed for a human being to progress in life. But there was a problem. It took 20 men to carry the volumes of books that were compiled. The king was in dilemma. He ordered his men to cut the volumes and get only the gist of the knowledge. Only the bear essentials facts have to be put and remove all those things that are not needed. After a year the men bought 20 volumes of books and yet king told them that still reduce it. Make it more precise. I just want one book. Again it took 8 months for those hard working wise men to separate essential from non-essential. And then a 300 pages book was presented to the king. The king heard every word with utmost interest and yet he was not happy. He ordered that no matter it takes more time reduce it to just 20 pages. Now this was next to impossible. Yet who deny the king? So it took again a year to come with what king wanted. When it was read to the king he was happy and showered his men with precious gifts and words of gratitude. But he told them to reduce it to just one page. The king told that it may look absurd but don’t be surprised if I may then tell you to reduce what you have been doing for years to even one line. So again there was a debate with clever wise men and they too did not want to give up. Those men worked hard, and came up with just half a page. The king was mighty happy with the hard work his men were keeping with. He in fact, joked upon himself that if he was not the king this would not have been possible and he told his people that it would not be wrong if you people think that I am mad but I want you people to make this into just one line. By this time those wise men knew what was coming as they were with this work for years now and everyone had a hearty laugh. But wise men are not fools. They know that their king is anything but a fool. They know that he has hunger for knowledge and he was the seeker of truth he was not only spiritual man but also very practical one. After 3 months, they came up with what king has ordered. And it was just one line. In fact it had just four words. Imagine it took them so many years to first seek the right knowledge and then they reduced the whole gamut of knowledge in just four words. When king read that he was most satisfied. He rewarded his folks with gratitude and wanted these four words to be understood by every person in practice. What were the four words? What was in those four words that have taken years of clever research of wise men? What magic would be in those words that had that would stand the test of time in any given situation? Those four words were “This too shall pass” So when we are being praised, the world sings to our tunes, when we get highest recognition, when it seems that world is at our feet, when we feel we can touch the stars, when other people are praising us and when everything is going great remember the four words – this too shall pass But when the world is bad to us, when life seems a burden, when care is pressing you down a bit, when no body is there to love you, when no body understands you, when ill luck is your companion, when bad times are playing tricks on you, when you have relationships problems, when nothing seems to going right remember the four words – this too shall pass