Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Wrong Belief

It has not rained in Abdasa part of Kutch in Gujarat. This is a very dry place near Indian border. So all the elders of the village get ready for the yagna and they call all the Brahmin's for the same. Hundreds of people are gathered. The Brahmin's are chanting mantras to appease the rain god and then villagers take noon break from the rituals. When they come back after their noon meals they find a boy of 9 years coming back with an umbrella. Everyone is surprised why a boy is coming with an umbrella when there are no rains for many years. The father of the boy scolds the kid and says are you crazy? Why do you need an umbrella? The boy tells his father that we all have gathered here for rain to come and when rain will pour where are we going to cover our heads? Some people laugh at the boy and say you fool don’t you see that there are no clouds in the sky? And the boy says then why are you people performing yagna?