Thursday, November 16, 2006

Chamy Tan adventures in Timbuktu

The adventure of Chamy tan in a new landIt is 18th century china where there is a small village and people in that village are content and happy. Today they have formed a meeting to send one of their smartest village folk by name Chamy tan to a foreign land.
It so happened that one youth in past went to seek his fortune in Timbuktu his name was Babdi lee and he invited his childhood friend Chamy tan too. Chamy is asking the permission of the village head Joyteema lee so that he can go to Timbuktu as he is suffering from back pain since years. The villagers agree to send Chamy to Timbuktu. Chamy arrives at Timbuktu and is welcomed by Babdi Lee who is a stock market trader often fighting with the locals in his barter trade. It so happened that one day Chamy lost his way to home and found himself in another city. He found that he neither knows the local language nor is aware of anything that goes in this country side. He saw a large mansion where pleasant looking, happy people were going in that mansion. He too followed them. He saw that there were many tables and chairs and people were having a feast. He too went and sat on one of the chairs. He was hungry. A majestic person came to him and bows down and in return Chamy Tan too bows and the person speaks to Chamy and this Chinaman just bows down and nods in affirmative. After some time, he was served one of the most delicious food he ever tasted and looked around where people were so happy. Chamy relished the food and he thought that it may be a king’s feast in honor of the democratic citizens and many guests still were coming and going out of the mansion. After he finished his lunch, he stood up and bow to the nearby person who was waiting there. He was very much thankful to the person who served him unforgettable food. He bowed to him and smiled. But that man bought him a bill. This mansion happens to be a hotel and Chamy does not know and neither had he seen anything like this in his life so he again bows down and says yes! I like your food. The waiter tells him to give money and Chamy thinks he is thanking me for coming here and he too in retrospect thanks and takes the bill and keeps in his pocket. The waiter is surprised as to what to do with this foreigner. Meanwhile Chamy thinks these people are really good. They gave me so much respect and so much love that I will tell this adventure in China. The waiter takes Chamy to manager. The manager has a good look at this strange looking fellow. That time Chamy thinks that this may be king’s right hand man and he wants to say something important hence Chamy again bows to this man and thanks him and smiles at him. The manager thinks this fellow is too smart and sends him to local court house. Chamy is then taken to the court and everyone is watching him and some people are finding this Chinese man humorous. But Chamy thinks that they all are giving me honour, love and respect and maybe they are waiting for someone important. Just then the magistrate arrives and everyone stands up. Chamy tan now thinks this is the king here who has come personally to ask about my welfare. So he bows down to him. The magistrate tries his best to explain to him to pay money to the hotel but Chamy again bows to him and says thank you. The magistrate then speaks to him in sign language and Chamy thinks that maybe he is asking me about my back pain and he shows his back to him. The magistrate gets angry and thinks this china man is very smart and orders the local police to make him sit on a donkey and give five thrashings on his back. Everyone stands up and Chamy thinks that king is going and hence he thanks him and smiles at him as to how the majestic king himself came to meet him. Chamy is being seated on a donkey and on his neck it’s written that this man is a crook and he is taken by 10 policemen. Chamy thinks this is my procession and the king is very happy to make his folks see the new foriegner. He smiles and thanks god that he has got such a wonderful people around him. Besides the locals there are many kids who are laughing behind and dancing about this china man but Chamy thinks that the kids are so happy in this part of the world. On every street Chamy is smiling at the onlookers who are equally smiling at the china man. Chamy thinks this is really a great country. Then he is taken to the top of country side and he is told to remove his shirt. He smiles and bows down and a policeman comes and gives him 5 thrashings on his back. At first Chamy does not understand what is happening but Lo and behold!
His back pain is gone and now Chamy is dancing with restless joy. The back pain he had for years and the reason he came to Timbuktu, without paying any money his back pain of years has gone. While he is dancing the hundreds of people gathered too are looking at this china man and laughing their guts. Again Chamy is taken on the donkey and this time Chamy is still bowing to each and every person who is smiling at him. On his way back, in the crowd he sees Babdi Lee his friend who is shocked to see Chamy Tan on an Ass. Chamy waves to him but looking at the situation Babdi ignores him and goes away. Chamy at first feels very happy to see Babdi Lee as this is first time his own country man has seen and his joy is more but Babdi Lee goes away and Chamy thinks Babdi is jealous of his popularity and his procession goes on till sunset. When no one is around Babdi Lee comes to Chamy Tan and asks how he is? Chamy tells this is one amazing country the people here are so wise. How did they know that I suffered back pain? First they gave me delicious food, then they made me meet king’s men, then the king himself and then they made me go around city free of cost for sight seeing and if this was not enough they even cured me of the back ache that I suffered for years.
Babdi Lee thinks there won’t be any more positive person then this man and yes Ignorance is bliss.