Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Class room - Selective listening

Psychologists are now working on a new theory called selective listening. You listen to only that which is important to you and nothing more. But how to know what is important and unimportant? Ha! I told you those psychologists are debating. Now let’s take a joke on this selective listening that is one of my favorite. The location is Harvard University. There are over hundred students gathered in a classroom as it was announced that Mr.Steve King would come and lecture on ghosts. And Mr.King through his power point presentations gives the pictures of ghosts and also some audio clips. Later it’s an open forum. Question and answer time. Where Mr.king has a question and asks who has seen a ghost? Raise your hands please! 20 hands are raised! Mr.King knows that he such number of people are possible so he asks more specific question. He asks how many of you in the class room have actually felt a ghost? 12 hands are raised. Then he asks the class room more specific question…how many of you have had the privilege where ghosts have talked to you? Again 8 hands are raised. So Mr.King narrows his question and tells the class room, Ok how many of you have made love to a ghost? One hand rises! Oh! My I can’t believe it! There is a person who has made love to a ghost! Well young man may I know your name please? Duh! What? Your name please?? Oh yes my name is Mohan Ok Mr.Mohan why don’t you come to the dais and share your experience please? Uh Ok! So Mr.Mohan comes to the dais and is handed over the mike. Mr.King tells Mohan ok tell your experience of making love to Ghosts Whaaaaa did ya say? Mr.King again tells Mohan please tell your experience of making love to ghosts! Mohan replies…Ghosts? Duh! I thought you were all this while talking about Goats!!