Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Classroom – who bothered?

When I was learning film making we had all kinds of lectures. Some of them were quite boring. The theory of identification was the most boring of them all as our teacher Mr.Mathur would start a topic and then forget what he is telling and jump to some other topic. One such topic started was the problem of ever growing population in India and how India will over take China in just few decades. And then out of the blue Mr.Mathur started a new topic on birth control and contraceptives and condoms. If that was not enough, he went to extent of Vatican view on birth control and this was turning of something very boring and Mr.Mathur goes on with his talk… Pope too was taking wise men counsel and they all came with natural birth control exercise that if you do that after physical love making, you will not get child and all that and then he went to tell that despite this remedies people still produce children, we all are creatures of lust, and he told who bothered? About Vatican views? Who bothered? Silence! Then I told him “Pope” Pope bothered sir!