Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The difference and the deception

What happens when a painter has got it all at a young age of 23? Agatsya was a painter in ancient Bihar and his fame was wide spread. He never worked for money and he wanted to give up painting as he felt that he has done it all. He wanted to paint his last stroke on canvas and he announced that he will search the most innocent face on earth and then after that he will retire to pursue other interests in life.
A search started to find one of the most innocent faces in the country. Every time someone bought a beautiful girl, or an innocent man, Agatsya would find some fault with the personality. Finally after 2 years of searching he gave up. It was not soon that he again got the muse back. When he was horse riding he saw a Shepard boy and that was it! He knows that this is the most innocent face he has ever seen and he ordered his men to request the boy to pose for his painting. The boy obliged as he was paid well. It took more then 8 months for Agatsya to paint one of his last creations to the world. And when the painting came out, the king was so happy and overcome with the artistic stroke of brush that he gave loads of wealth and gold coins to the young painter. The painter later got married and lived a happy life for the next 55 years. When he was 78 years, the urge to paint again came back. Even till this date his paintings were looked as unbeatable and sold in markets for premium antiques. He announced again to the world that he will paint his last painting. Just the last one - this time it will not be on innocence but on the most fearsome human face - ever. A search started to find a man like that. It took them many days when Agatsya was told that there is a man who has killed more then 40 people. He was told that this man is a living beast. He has robbed people, raped, killed and did all that is forbidden. Agatsya was told that this man is on death sentence and will be hanged next month. Agatsya did not waste time and wanted to meet this man in the jail. A request was made and when the man came to know that one of the most reverend painter wants to paint him - he too obliged. So the old painter started to paint and he did a marvelous job. Within a month, he could get the painting done and again people said that Agatsya is unbeatable and nobody can paint like him. But in the last meeting Agatsya was with that man in jail and he suddenly died of shock. Everyone was surprised and when they ask the prisoner he said that Agatsya died of shock. As he could not bear that he has been deceived by his own work. Later it was revealed that the painting that depicted innocence of Shepard boy was the same man that depicted brutality of the man in jail – both were same persons.