Tuesday, November 21, 2006

In madhouse with Moontears, Jess & the Queen!

This is very old story that dates back to last millennium. There was a beautiful girl name Moontears in her late 20’s who drank wine and announced to all the people that she is the messenger of god and her word is final. Jesus Christ is out of date and stands cancelled. She has come to give new revelations to the world. She told that some new things have to be added to Bible and Jesus was messenger up to this period on earth, but since I have arrived - you have to listen to me. It was very surprising that a messenger will come in female form. The word went to the queen and her majesty tells to put Moontears into Victoria’s secret jail. The queen herself went and told her “Moonie, I am giving you one day time to prove that you are the real messenger and if you are not proving then I have to keep you in madhouse.” Moontears laughed. She told hey “Dyo Dyo Queeney bee, it’s written in scriptures that messengers are always treated badly so this proves that I am a messenger appointed by god. Only god has appointed me and only he can change anything”. After 24 hours, Moontears is taken to yo yo mad house. The queen comes and tells her to get well soon from her madness and when this is going on other blond girl who was having coffee with a banana, by name Jess, was held in mad house started laughing. So the queen asked why you are laughing Jess? She said “I have never appointed this woman to be messenger I won’t allow such non sense. After Jesus Christ I have not allowed any messenger to come to earth”