Friday, November 24, 2006

The way to the truth

“You had thorn in your feet, you take another thorn to remove the stung thorn and then you throw both the thorns” It happened in 1986. Two youths left to Kanyakumari down south in India and joined an aashram of a very wise mystic guru. While Rajendra was very intelligent, his friend Ved was just average. While Rajendra knew all the scriptures and still had some doubts about religions, Ved was not at all well versed. But both got attracted to the guru’s teaching and his Satsang. Its 2006 now. Rajendra still has not attained what he looked for. His mind is still in doubt. When he gets the answer of one another question comes up. And Ved has nothing else to ask to his guru. 20 years have passed. Everyday Rajendra comes up with some question or other and then fed up with his being in aashram. He tells Rajendra that he should quit being a Saanyasi. “But I want to know the truth” “How will you know truth through your mind? Your own knowledge is a hindrance to you. In the initial stage knowledge is needed but remember that knowledge is a thorn. And you take another thorn to remove that thorn and then throw both of them” “I joined you because I liked your disclosures I was attracted to your mind” “You were attracted not because of my mind, actually your mind had doubts and you thought I gave more clarity to it” “You gave me sanyaas” “I did not, you asked for it, what I gave you was compassion” “What is my mistake?” “That you always questioned from mind, you did not drop it, and your heart chakra was never active. You loved only yourself.” It is true that knowledge is needed in initial stages but then knowledge will not lead you to the doors of heaven. Love is the only way. knowledge is limited but love is not.