Tuesday, November 21, 2006

what you seek is also seeking you

Junaid wanted to have a master he started out on his spiritual journey and where ever he heard that there is a master he would go to that person and enquire if he is the master but all the time Junaid would not feel he is getting the right master. Once it so happened that he met a fakir and asked are you my master? Do you know? The fakir replied that don’t you know look at me and feel. Junaid replied that I don’t feel anything. Just show me the path so that I can reach my master. The fakir tells Junaid to go to Mecca for a pilgrimage and later look for a man who will be seated under a tree, where you will find his eyes very bright, and you will feel perfume like musk around him. Go and seek. 20 years passed and Junaid traveled and traveled. Where ever he came to know that a fakir is present he would go and seek. After such two decades, finally he could find a fakir that was described to him 20 years back. Junaid goes to that fakir and feels the fragrance, the bright eyes and very positive aura floating. Junaid tells the fakir O master I have been looking for you for 20 long years. I also have been looking for you the same time Junaid. Look closely at me. To the amazement of Junaid it’s the same old fakir he met 20 years back. What you played a joke on me I wasted 20 years for this? The old man said that would not have helped you. You did not have the eyes to see me then. I am still the same man you met that time too but you did not have the eyes to see me and feel me. These 20 years made you seek and feel life, now you are capable of feel. The years gone past have rubbed you hard and all the dust has fallen and your mind is clear and now the contact with truth is possible.