Wednesday, November 22, 2006

When astrology fails

This story dates back over 600 odd years in ancient India. Parth was a poor farmer. Last year he had given up on his agriculture and worked as a bonded laborer. He had two children and an understanding wife but he lived in guilt because he could not give two morsels of food to them. In fact for him, the most difficult challenge was - when the next square meal comes from. He always talked to lord Shiva but he could not bear him self the burden of life. He often thought that he should end this life but then stopped doing it because he has a family. His friends often told that take your horoscope to Aryabhatta and see what remedy he can give you. Aryabhatta was a famous astrologer in those times. He was undisputed in his predictions. His knowledge of astrology was so much profound that he would predict next ten years eclipses. The people believed him because what ever he had predicted has come true for the betterment of not only kings, but common men. Parth sets out to meet Aryabhatta covering many miles and finally at dusk he reaches Aryabhatta house. He goes to where Aryabhatta is seated and bows before him and tells him that he has come with his horoscope and he wants to know his future and hands the horoscope to Aryabhatta. The astrologer looks at the horoscope and a gloom falls onto his face. It (horoscope) calculations clearly tell that Parth would die at 2 in the night. Now astrologer thinks that it would not be a good idea to tell Parth that he will die hence he tells that O Partha, I cannot give predictions at this time as the sun has set, why you don’t come tomorrow as this is against the rules of astrology to tell me your future at the time of sunset. Parth tells Aryabhatta that he will surely come tomorrow and bows down to the astrologer and goes away. Aryabhatta tells disciples that we will not be able to see him again as he is going to die at 2 in the night. The next day, a disciple comes running to Aryabhatta and tells that Parth is waiting downstairs. Aryabhatta whose prediction has never gone wrong even to the extent of knowing if the horoscope is right or wrong for the first time he gets to know that according to his calculations, the farmer must be dead by now and still living? Aryabhatta goes to his consulting chamber and Parth stands up and bows down to him. Aryabhatta himself goes to Parth and touch him to know if it is really the farmer or his ghost. But when he touches him he knows that he is not dead. So the astrologer asks for his horoscope and it’s again clearly written that he will die at 2 in the night. There must be some intervention. He asks Parth, O farmer can you tell me what you did yesterday after taking your leave? The farmer says why I am new to this place and I don’t know anyone hence I thought it would not be nice to go and ask for a nights rest in anybody’s home. I am not that rich to take boarding and lodging as life has been hard on me. So I thought I will go to the end of village, find a tree and then sleep and leave the rest to god. And what did you do after that? Well, when I went there, I found that there is an abandoned Shiva temple. I thought it would not be right for me to sleep under a tree as some wild animal may come and eat me as it is my time is running bad hence I thought let me go and sleep in the Shiva temple. And what you did after that? Ah, I could not get sleep. I came to you with utmost faith and I had many questions in life. I thought let me see my life like a play and then I was going through my past and then a thought crossed my mind. Wait sorry to interrupt you, what time it was in the night and what was your thought at that time? Well, I might be say 2 in the night and I saw lord Shiva linga no body cleans this temple. I thought why not make use of this time and I started to talk to the lord telling him to change my destiny, requesting him to make my family happy, and by doing so I cleaned the entire temple. I don’t know but in silence peace prevailed there, that which I have not experience in my entire life. So I told the lord that give me problems but also in between give me little joy where I can see my family happy. Aryabhatta listens to this man who has through his unconditional love towards his family and genuine feelings has melt lord Shiva heart. He hands over the horoscope to Parth and tells him that all your problems are solved. Go back to your home and rejoice in the name of god as your good time has just started.