Friday, November 24, 2006

When Jathimalli went to stage

We sometimes are afraid of stage and public speaking. It happend this year with none other then Jathimalli. We all were gathered on new year eve in Malasia and welcoming 2006. It was a large gathering of 500 people. I was on back stage and thought that let me pull a prank on Jathimalli.
My friends Chamy Tan and Babdi Lee are quite creative in their pranks to tease Jathimalli ji. So they go to the stage and announce
"Hey Chamitooo! the evening is going well"
"Hey Babs you bet!"
"Say why dont we introduce the next public speaker"
"Oh yeah! she is the one who can play Sitar like a rockstar"
"Oh yes! and she rocks"
Jathimalli was in the audience and thought that they are playing a prank but she did not know what to expect.
"So, let us invite none other then the guiness world record holder Ms.Jathimalli and listen to her in awe how she plays Sitar in Guitar way...Ms.Malli can you please share your divine experience?"
Everyone was curious, and the spotlight went on Jathimalli. With no other option she was in limelight and had to walk to the stage and everyone started clapping and of course the bunch of yo yo guys started to hoot!
She walks up to stage (in slow motion) and starts her speech
"Human mind! Human mind is know...right from the birth and till death it functions very effectievly"
She does not know what to speak. She has this faint feeling that she may get drowsy with rum choclates that she ate.
"Human mind ! ahhh every extraordinary, you know right from birth till death its extraordinary ... but it stops and does not know what to do at one point...when you are on stage and you have a mike"