Wednesday, November 22, 2006

When to stop?

Chamy Tan takes his son Ching Choo Tan to the 7th heaven pub. They have many drinks and are now very dizzy. Ching Choo asks Pa! Tell me when to stop? When is the right time? Chamy points to the opposite table where a couple is seated one man and his wife. He says do you see those four men? When they will appear not to be four but 5 it’s the right time to stop. Ching Choo Tan says, but Pa there are not 4 people there…I think I see 8.
Later both go out of the pub and sit in the car and are about to start the car but a policeman comes and tells hey mister! you just cant walk how are you going to go home? Chamy Tan and Ching choo Tan laugh out loud and say Yes! officer we are drunk and cant walk but who said we cant drive!!!