Sunday, December 31, 2006

Motivation, insecurity and burning all bridges except one!

I am told that security is a myth. It is present either in a mother’s womb or a prison. Mother’s womb because yet to be born baby in normal circumstances is taken care of with love and affection. And prison because it is not the prisoner but the jailer who is concerned about his prisoner. In fact it’s funny to know that between the walls, the prisoners as well as jailer both are actually trapped. The jailor is trapped in outside world yet confined to that wall in prison. Insecurity is certain. And why not? But many of us refuse to accept that we are insecure. I am not telling anything negative but its like if you have hurt your leg, say you have a fracture and some stranger says, hey may I help you in your work looking at your injury you will say thank you so much. But if a stranger says hey! I think you are mentally imbalance may I help you and you will repel at this statement and say who the hell are you? So is the case with insecurity. Many of us had goals and we do have them. But with passage of time we forget them and change our life pattern to suit the lifestyle that others desired for us. So, a person who was a potential poet or dreamt of being a poet will become a doctor, a person who dreams of being a movie star becomes engineer. Insecurity made them that way and in their hearts they are not happy. That’s why when you go to a doctor or engineer or any professional or businessman you will know that besides their professional personality they have some inborn sense of some different field. Think deeper; they changed their goals due to insecurity and other things in life. But many people despite adverse situations do not change their goals. They stick to their goals come what ever may and then they often realize their goals. The following story is just for those few people. Many people change their goals but very few stick to their guts. Those are the people who make lots of difference and they are very rare. Insecurity is a motivator if we think positive here’s the story It so happened that there was an island that had about 250 families. People use to help each other and they had their own little country. They had agriculture, physicians, scholars, businessmen and a very good king. Everything was fine. Everyone had their jobs and use to help each other. They even had their own army of 200 young men. One night, this island was attacked. The king sent one of the young man to go in the boat and see the opponent strength. The man on orders of king returns and tells that the enemy has about 800 soldiers. There was a gloom on this part of island. The king tells their soldiers that we have two options. One is to surrender so that there is no loss of life and bear the consequences if they will make us slaves or the last option is to fight it out and this has to be decided fast. The young soldiers decide that either way we are insecure so let’s die fighting for the land. They roar that we will fight. They also tell the king to give them motivation and they are ready to die for their king. The king, says will you obey my orders? They all say yes! We will obey your orders come what ever may but please give us motivation. The king asks for his commander in chief to tell how many boats are there with us. The commander tells the king that we have 40 boats to fight with the approaching enemy. The king orders the commander to first burn all the boats. With his orders, all the boats are burnt. The approaching enemy halts the attack as they do not know why the fire is coming from island. The enemy is confused. And then the king says…my deal soldiers, I don’t need to give you motivation. You trusted me and I burnt all your boats. Now you have the weapons and the fire in your belly. There is no other escape route. Each soldier has to kill four men in the enemy. There was not much time left for imagination. Every one knew only one thing that they have to do or die. They have to kill as many enemies to save their lives. The battle started and it went for 8 hours and then And it happened. These people won this battle! They burnt all the escape bridges and had only one goal and they succeeded!