Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Optical illusions – Stereograms

Friends! While I travel, I had a look at optical illusions. They fascinate me. Now think of it! What if I tell you that within minute you will see a 3D image right at your computer, And right now! Yes! All you have to do is to concentrate your eyes by clicking the visual pictures above, and maybe you will be able to see. In the initial stages you will have a little difficulty but once you master this art, you may love to goggle and spend time looking for Stereograms. How to do it? click the last picture or roses it will be enlarged. Well take the last picture of roses...look at your computer image of roses with two dark pink dots above the roses,at the center of it. It should be blurry. Focus as though you are looking through the image into the distance. Very slowly move the image away from your face until the two dots of roses above the image turn into three dots. the focus should be like when you squit your eyes...there itself when those two pink dots with little concerntration and squit eyes will become three a little away keeping the same concerntration and then look at the whole will find a 3d image to your surprise.
When you clearly see three dots then hold on for a while, and slowly look at the picture, you will find depth in the picture and you will remember some of the 3d movies that you saw in theatere. Click above the pictures for enlarged ones. All the best! The first picture you see is of an UFO second is an Aquarium third being a dinasour in Jurassic park fourth is Hukleberry finn and fifth is a hidden heart in roses!