Wednesday, April 25, 2007


In common parlance, you might have read lots of stories about people who believe in god and people who don’t. Here is a very short story about the same.
It always happened that there was a man who believed in god and every evening without fail, he would go to temple and light the lamp for almighty. While doing so, there was another man who would put off the lamp as soon as the believer in god left. He use to think its his duty to put off the lamp and this ritual went on for years. It so happen that one fateful evening it was raining heavily and the believer in god thought that the rains wont stop and its useless to go to the temple and light the lamp. Nothing will happen if I don’t go today. Thinking this he did not go to the temple. But, despite heavy rains the atheist went to the temple to put the lamp off as his usual routine God blessed the atheist that evening. Because his duty was unmistakable and not wavering while the believer in god for entire lifetime could not get the glimpse of god. God loves the doer of the duty.