Friday, April 27, 2007

From my Ajmer diary

Long time back two of my friends planned a tour to Rajasthan. We were touring the entire state and went to a place called Ajmer where in those time; the only temple of Lord Brahma exists. After that we had time at our disposal and wanted to spend the sunset at the desert. When we asked for the route many people asked us did we visit the famous Khwaja Garib Nawaz Dargah. We came to know that the saint Garib Nawaz was the first person to bring Islam to India and what ever you pray from the core of your heart often comes true. So we went to the Dargah with Chaddar, flowers and sweets. To my surprise what I prayed was instantly answered. Since that day I hold this place in reverence. This is such a divine place that a person of any religion is allowed. People around the world come here in all the seasons. There is one story associated to this miraculous place. In olden times emperor Aurangazeb use to rule many parts of India. He had immense faith in this shrine. Once when he went to offer his prayers there and found a blind man muttering monotonous words…Allah please restore my eyesight…O Allah restore my eyesight. His prayer seems not sincere. Aurangazeb went to that man and told you are not praying from the core of your heart and you deserve a punishment. Look I am going inside for my prayers and by the time I return your eyesight must be restored and now, you pray to god almighty and if I find you blind then I am going to order your execution. The man really begins to shiver and he had just a little time. He intensified his prayer as this was the question of life and death. After sometime he started to dance and saw the emperor coming. To his surprise, when he prayed from the core of his heart his prayer was accepted.