Friday, April 27, 2007


Once late in the evening a lone young traveler came walking to village. There he saw an old man with his hookah. The traveler asked the old man “I am out seeking a fortune, may I know what kind of people live in this village?” The old man replies “Can I ask why you are ask this question, do you want to settle in this village. And if you want to settle here may I know how the people in your village were? The young man tells him “O don’t even ask. Why do you think I came out of that god dammed place, the people there are very bad, inhospitable, cruel and greedy” The old man told the young one “Here too the people are no different, in fact worst then your village, my son go and seek another village” the young man left the place. After some days another young traveler came to the village and he to encounter the wise old man. After some time he tells that he is out to seek a fortune and asks how the people in this village are? The old man counter questioned him just as he did to the previous stranger…how are the people in your village? The man replied “Thinking about the people of my village makes my heart grow fonder. I have to leave such wonderful people because of better prospects otherwise I am very happy and content” The old man got up and patted the young fellow and told “Come…welcome to our village. Here you will find better people then your village”