Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A lesson in Salesmanship

When I was student of Business Management we were told to read books on marketing and salesmanship. You know, reading case studies in aforesaid subjects we use to evaluate different marketing and sales strategies. In competitive market, now a day’s many marketing strategies are applied to sell the product and services. Below given incident is one of the street smart salesmanship. At Mumbai stock exchange a tie clad salesman stops an investment banker and tells him “Gentleman, would you prefer to buy a toothbrush for 50 Rupees?” “What a toothbrush for 50 Rupees! No way… you looting people with that amount” The salesman exclaims “Hmm… what about a home made cake for just one Rupee?” The banker thinks this is the new way for marketing and he gives one rupee and buys the cake. Just when he takes the bite of the cake he screams and spits it out. “Eeekkkk…what the hell is that? It taste like cow dung” “Well it is…now kindly tell me if you prefer to buy toothbrush”