Sunday, December 30, 2007

2008 : belongs to you

Dear friends! What a year 2007 has been...feels good when resolutions are not broken of last year and new are made...this coming year I wish all of you a very safe, healthy, wealthy and peaceful new year. Hope all your dreams come true and hope when you see in mirror you make yourself proud is the prayer of yours truly Deepak. 2008 for me begins today itself, out of 180 films, my film is being selected in competition and screening at IMAX at my hometown for international film festival. Right now I am pre-occupied with the publicity of poster design, press releases in newpapers, TV and FM radios. It becomes quite stressful for a person who is seeing this hype for the first time in a way and it suddenly realizes that one is known face and has to be responsible with his attitude and behaviour. At this development I sometimes feel my freedom is going for a toss, but I do not know why I am shy of publicity. What has to happen will happen. 2007 has been kind to me...what I wrote in my goal setting diary has amazingly come true...even though I did not follow daily and yet I realize some secrets that often come true when one wants things in life genuinly. I really am thankful to 07 for this year has been a roller coaster ride...with 2008 there are going to be many more brighter things... I will also hug everyone who has read my blogs and then email me about the same. I have always replied each and every mail of yours. In my last 2 months mails, I have apologised you guys for not coming onto net coz of my schedule. Hope tonite I will be awake to update my blog. Thanks for everything! god bless you all! 2008...will be year of hope, winners, genuine people who dare to dream and care to achieve. 2008 history never repeats, some will create history. 2008 is your year...go....get it and achieve your goals and enjoy them too.