Monday, December 31, 2007

2008 New Year Resolutions? Break them or Make them count

Resolutions…2008 Phew...another year already starting and all my friends start to plan party...and after that they "seriously" tell others what their resolutions are...lets check some of the resolutions...

Some New Year resolutions of 2008

I will be master of my habits hence, I quit smoking/drinking!

I will be efficient & skillful to increase my salary/business by hook or by crook!

I won’t take crap from anyone. To hell with negativity and idiots!

I will use money wisely. No installments/loans & live debt-free life!

I will keep myself fit & healthy. Must join yoga/salsa/aerobics/swimming to lose weight

I won’t waste time watching idiot box (TV) reality shows anymore!

I will do charity. Help people with HIV, or underprivileged children or visit old age homes.

I may fall in/out of love and go for image makeover and look drop dead gorgeous.

I will brush my teeth every night & pray to god before hitting the bed

I will listen and won’t talk more. Even when I see UFO I will keep my mouth shut

Some of the aforesaid resolutions already may be broken…but one resolution that needs your immediate concern is

“I will invest one hour of my quality time with my family and loved ones come whatever may because inner peace and security is only possible with my family & friends”