Monday, December 31, 2007

Why I made "Time Out" an ignored issue based film?

Why “Time Out” film is made? 

Friends, as we rapidly progress towards a better society we also have some serious universal problems. Terrorism, HIV/AIDS, global warming and many films have been made on such issues.

The quest to become successful in our professions and keeping pace with globalization we are devoting tremendous time to external issues rather then giving time to family members especially children.  

This simple film is an honest non-commercial attempt to make parents understand that it pays to spend time with children and family members.

Today we are spending more time in front of TV & Computers then in front of children. 

Many parents talk to their children when their car is stuck in traffic jams or when there is parent’s teachers meetings. We are going with lots of speed to realize our material goals and forgetting where our family life is headed.

Children who are deprived of parents love end up being isolated, depressed and social outcasts. They take to guns and drugs. We have seen in 2007 incidents where a school kid bought gun and shot another school fellow and in US a student went on shooting spree in campus.

Time out in olden times….

20 years back when we were kids, remember the olden times…late in the evening father use to come home and kids would clap their hands, with smile on faces would rush to open the door. Hugs and smiles were exchanged and there was festival atmosphere. Quality time was spent in evenings sharing laughter, drawings, and bed time stories but now-a-days such scenario is just confined to movies and less in real life.

Time Out the present situation…

As a parent a person is born in one kind of world, grows up in another world & by the time his children are growing up he lives in different world (generation gap). Today a stressed out tired father will come home late in night when kids have already gone to bed. Husband & wife actually express fears and talk about how bad the day went by with office politics and rising rates while in the background the TV gives breaking news. The couples talk out their problems and forget that children too have their share of genuine worries.

Many parents are unaware that their kids have no one to talk to. Children end up talking to teddy bears while going to bed. Many parents do not even know that some children are on verge of depression. Many children pray to god that they need love and affection. They express their fears on internet chat sites. Today few kids take parents as their idols. They look up to rock stars or violent movie stars as their idols.

Future tense … a little bit of worry and a little bit of hope…

It’s not enough to tell your kid “Go to your room” its not enough to sign report card, its not enough to give pocket money or spend on ipods, video games or computers. Nothing is worth spending on your children then your valuable time. The best thing to spend with kids is your time. A time when clock is stopped!

A time where hugs are exchanged again, a time where words like “thank you” are exchanged, a time where kids look up to parents, a time where children are loved, where they feel protected and secured.

Only parents can solve these problems. If children of today do not get love from parents, and when they grow up will they be able to give love to their old parents?

The quality of life in your old age will directly depend upon the quality of time you’ve spend with your children. This is 2008; hope many parents and potential parents realize this wake up call and spend quality time with children is the prayer of yours sincerely

-Deepak Rajgor