Thursday, January 10, 2008

And the best film award goes to "Time Out" by Deepak Rajgor

Wooooooooooooooooo Hoooooooooooooo! and that's it! 

Thanks to all of you our prayers have been answered! 

Today at screen 5 at Prasads IMAX, it was nice to get best film award in presence of my mother. 

I dedicated this film to my mother and considering the love of her, this award makes the moment special. I was with my family and my niece Komal with some friends. I share this award with all of you who have been part of my film "Time Out". Hugs to you all. 

Best film means whole process of best story, direction, screenplay, production, camera work, editing, back ground music, music, editing pattern, post production and yes promotion. and I share this with Shantilal Naker, Sheetal Naker, Komal Rajgor, Sumitra Pampana, Satyam Babu and all all alllll and thanks to press.. Shri Suresh from Indian express, Ms.Sangeetha from the Hindu and Shri Suresh from the same daily. 

Also to Telugu news papers alike. Fiction film is like a beautiful novel but short film is like telegram. One has to be clear with short fiction to tell it all and get response. By getting this new year gift, I obviously feel happy but also very very responsible person.

 It comes from jury. Thanks to them and thanks to god. I also been a producer to this film and hence had no fears and was free to follow my convinctions. I avoided the melodrama (which otherwise is present in Indian films) and had an vauge idea that the director sneaks to a home and shoots real subtle emotions of family members. I also kept it simple which I feel is rare in short films. I thank Shri Prakash Reddy, Festival director of Hyderabad International Film Festival, the Andhra Pradesh Directors Association, Government of Andhra Pradesh, Prasads Imax and everyone who was part of this wonderful experience. 

Special mention to all foriegn delegates. I will update this section later.

Suddenly after getting the award, I don't feel much. God knows why? All hard work paid off. When someone wants something genuinely I am told (pardon the cliche) the whole universe conspires and yes, last year at HIFF I was seated in audience and when Tanikella Bharani got the award I promised myself that next year I will get one. Now at the stage when I went to collect the award, I said this and also told that this time I am sure many film makers dream of making film and winning award hence please come up next year. 

I also tell myself that it takes talent to go up but it takes discipline to be there. I also tell that a successful person is one who dares to dream and gets it and then repeats it. Today I miss my father. But he is there. I am overcome with emotions and wont type more. Will edit this later. Thanks for your prayers Amen.