Thursday, January 10, 2008

Time Out - The judgement day, awards evening !

My dear friends, Thank you! Thank you because you to many emails that you've sent for your new year resolutions to spend time with your kids and family members. I did not sleep last night, I went on my bike round the city talking to myself...oh god! the international festival is ending and its awards night...out of 180 films, coming from various creative people, will go through litmus test...I made "Time Out" film and my inner voice says it stands a chance, no its not like I want an award, but to spread the good word one needs a film maker and just in my debut short fiction film, I made it to international festival committee because many films were rejected. I have gone to temples, in fact some of you who are close to me have churches, temples, mosques and even as far as Sabrimalaya...oh god I am indebted to you all. Sawsan from Isreal, you have been in my prayers and thank you for praying in your part of the world, Naren my friend I know you are more excited then me...I also know you been praying...I also know your team members Girish Swami, Farah praying, so is Asther Lee to sister Sheetal Naker, Shantilal Naker, Dhaval, Dhvani, people in as far as Gujarat, Mother and entire family members and all those Airport gang freinds...gosh...I am indebted to you all Now this thing is weighing down so much that I tell god, O god I have made genuine efforts...its best left to you, but again I tell lord Shiva and Lord Krishna, in this world people are missing love and specially kids, make those international jury members from different country understand the importance of this film "Time Out" "Time Out" in film making sense is undertone of genuine emotions. I as a serious student of true cinema took two months to write shooting script...Wanted to have a feeling of isolation, took break from life, went to my solitary confinement...Wanted to have this feeling of isolation in characters, like a director goes into a middle class family and shoots emotions that are subtle and not melodramatic (some Indian film makers show overt emotions which in my debut film I don't want to do) I don't want to show melodrama...hope my talent is recognized by international jury members because Indian jury members will they understand? "Time Out" also seen death of my friend Mohan, who was camera attendant...this was his last film. He died after shooting this film. Mohan, I miss you because you always smiled, gosh why did you go man? My respects to my DOP Shri Satyam Babu garu, who gave me his talents in camera work and understood the true meaning of shooting this film at a time when he lost his father. My obdiences to Smt.Sumitra Pampana garu, the actor who came in the shoot at last minute...Sumirta you are wonderful actor and you have been in my first film documentary, my first ad-film and then my first directorial debut...I know when we were shooting, your mobile phone buzzed and your best friend expired...gosh this film has seen many wrong things...My niece Komal who never faced camera before , both of us cried how hard it is to act in front of camera and we mad(e) it...I got conductivities on day of shoot , power went off and still we shot for the can i forget the tears and pains of film making? Today I stand numb...little bit of hope, little bit of curiosity but I know the show must go making fiction is huge creative challenge...for a long film, its like a novel but for a short film its like telegram, one has to be clear what they shoot. I have maintained good camera language, good actors, good DOP and Prashanth a good music is up to god... film making is my first love, I wont forget this film and if I win an award it would be first kiss..ha I tell myself...relax dude...if you get it..good if not god has better plans but no way dude your film is inferior to anyone because you have done your work with self belief...Amen