Sunday, April 27, 2008

I am just, & therefore I am

I ask Roots “Where to is your journey?”
“What Journey?” questions root
I ask, “What is it that you seek?”
“I dig into earth to find water,” says the root

I ask River “Where is your journey?”
This is the journey,” tells river
I ask, “Where does your journey end?”
“The journey never ends,” says river

I ask a flower, “What is it that you seek?”
“Sunshine is what I seek,” tells sunflower
“But are you not dependent?”
“Who is not?” questions Sunflower

I ask Sun, “Why do you exist?”
Sun says, “To keep an order”
“Who orders you?”
“The will of absolute” replies the Sun

I ask the will, “Why do you order?”
No reply!
I ask, “Who inspires you to order?”
No reply!

I don’t give up, I persist & plead “Tell me who are you?”
“I am being of universal love,” tells the will
Baffled I ask, “What kind of love is this?”
No answer!

I try &…I cry, “Please I need to know
Answer my questions please
As I am on a journey and I need to seek
Answer me please, “What is the being of universal love”

Will tells, “I am the urge that flower seeks the sun”
I am love that roots dig deep in earth to seek water,
I am the journey of river that merges into the sea
I am Just, and therefore I am…

Who am I?” I ask the will
“Thou are my part”, tells the will
“How do I seek, How do I merge?”
“Thou are a process, don’t you quit” replies the willAnd Koizen shall seek...