Thursday, April 24, 2008

India Screenwriting Workshop Snapshots @ Goa International Centre

...And it takes 9 years for me to meet THE SHEKHAR KAPUR - that too on my birthday 23rd of it felt nice to shake hands (my first hand shake on day) with the god of cinema...I like his thought only prayer to Absolute is he must never get old. He is not just film maker...he is beyond...beyond what words can merely say. I learn so much and will continue to learn...Amen! Vishal Bharadwaj...we saw Omkara and then had his interactive session. A man who is simple, unassuming...he motivated us...spoke about adaptations and he says the first thoughts are just crap, do not not get distracted...even Shekspere use to get such thoughts... Sabrina Dhawan!!! I connected with her teachings in every class of her...Some day Sabrina"ji" you will read this blog. I never know 24th March is your birthday...belated birthday to you. I really respect your talent and wish to see you as a director. Thank you for your individual feedback on my work. This left handed writer has thought some right brain exercises in screen writing. There is never a dull moment with Abbas Tyrewala! So he starts with lets talk about SEX. So instantly I replied...Sex has a beginning , middle & end...he laughs and tells wonder why people think only about the end...this man understands mythology and gave one of the best lectures on Mahabharata...Abbas Bhai, I am truly wishing you all the best for your directorial venture... John Newbegin traveled a lot, am surprised he knows India very well, he was with Channel 4 and his lectures and video presentations give what's happening in UK market and how eventually it will catch up with India. I had such a less time with Jhon but learn so much. Waiting for 2010 media mandi...John my last you at top! Nandana Sen! the very unique, talented and original actor of Indian cinema actually was in pre-selection jury for best stories. Thank you Nandana for your encouragement. Wish to see all your films and genuinely wishing you all the best for your forthcoming films! B.R.Sharan is creative director with Saregama, a veteran of 2 decades also my guest mentor spoke about how creativity must sell with effortless ease that I ended up telling him we have to make all efforts to sell our films! An eye opener about business of cinema. Thank you Mr.Sharan for tips on pitching and Apologies for me putting holi colours...your hairstyle Rocks! I am thanking Neela Madhab Panda the man who came up with this idea to take Indian cinema to global levels. The lady in picture is Barnali who questioned me. Here again I wish to thank everyone at workshop. ...And finally all good things come to an end? or is it the beginning? I remember Shekhar Kapur telling NDTV that after listening to all finalists at Screen writing workshop he feels a new wave of Indian Cinema may take off. May his words come true. Amen!