Sunday, November 23, 2008

Toby's Diary - Time Out Part Two...The future

Friends, it was last year almost this season I had to make a short film with a very limited budget and after brainstroming, I decided what is the problem of kids with their parents and my film "Time Out" was made...

It (the film) has to be made not because it has had great technical stuff of camera language or fast paced MTV kind of editing or the background music, but it has to be made with limited budget and harsh simplicity almost brutal sensitivity...I am past with that Then, after a long time I had to feel what if the future will have the same problem?

I have never written sci-fi story...a very, very short say not more then 500 words to convey the same problem but to have a peek-a-boo at future...what would it be...mankind today is moving with lots of speed but am not sure what direction it is headed...people chasing material goals but not sure where they stand in family way...and what would be the future...the future you will give to your kids? 

The rapid advancement of science and technology will make your life easier? but will it make it simpler?

Will there be something called soul? what imprints will science and technology will have on young eager minds who want love? 

So, here it is a very short story of a boy called Toby who writes his 'feelings' sometimes being personal and sometimes cold to his in between the lines too...and hope a day does not come in future of mankind where the science and technology will give us Toby's... 

Toby’s Diary Year: 2099 23-03-99 

Dear Diary, 
Jury in favor of Ma and my step father Banister. They rule out me connecting to my pa. 48 hours left for me to be with Lucy. Feeling empty, sad & lonely. 

Ma happy with Banister. 

NIWARD Times report: Dr.Rodger, held up in Freud terminal cell escapes! Rumor is - he joins Rebel’s moment as his chip untraceable in UPRS. 

24-03-99 Today Lucy behaves muted and strange. Ma and Banister went out on virtual teleport date. A secret, pssst Lucy was hacked and it gave me 4D-AV message from Pa that he will rescue me. It’s a secret... 

25-03-99 I am feeling lonely as my only friend Lucy is gorn. Banister bought bunch of blokes 4rm Cyberzine, chips of Lucy removed, uninstalled and terminated. Cried in bathroom. Keeping strong. I miss Lucy...the only Robert friend I had :( 

26-03-99 Tomorrow is jury time again. What a headache – as if I don’t know what to do. Ma acting strange, showing "emotions" to me but overheard Banister joking that she will be Billionaire – will make hell of a lot of money outta me. 

27-03-99 Jury kind to me. Told them since I will be new, I want to choose Nobel Orphan cell. Ma sad or seems to be. Oh I will be scanned 2morrow bout some preceptor glands in brain and know volume of emotional electrodes of neurons that make relationship memory. As if I care? 

28-03-99 Strange robots. Ma Cried. Banister was as usual happy. They inject me with gun like injection and after some time, I was in senses. Heard doctors telling my genetic code is fed to tutor-computer server and chip installed to see reactions of my being. What the hell is that? 

NIWARD Times report: Flushed with repeated success in improvement of Brain Trans, the future of mankind is secured as all the unpleasant emotional memory is organically terminated. The bill is on way for approval by UN council with little opposition of politicians and also rebels or have not’s - the terrorists who resort to violence. 

Oh Diary, I Toby, tell you this is my last post, 2morrow I will be operated and genetically upgraded. Ma gave me jelly-belly to eat as much as I want. Ma cried too but then calm.

NIWARD Times Advertisement: 14 children (age 9-12) recently terminated of old emotional memory & upgraded to 5.8 billion tetra bites Einstein version 5.90. 120 years of insurance covered. Programmed to read and obey all parents’ data/instructions. No defect either genetic or memory. The intelligence up gradation is recognized as global resource of genetic code confirmed to legal and moral standards. Auction on 01-04-99 

30-03-99 NIWARD Times report: The breaking news. The rebels broke into cyberzine bio sciences Inc, kidnapping 32 children 14 of which were to be auctioned tomorrow. 18 murders reported in last 24 hours. 16 scientists killed at Cyberzine zone and 2 others from star villa - Mrs. & Mr. Banister. The rebels are suspect lead by the prime suspect Dr. Rodger – untraceable like other rebels as they are humans sans biochips.