Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ayan Rand an ideal writer

Ayan Rand. (Born Feb 2, 1905...Expired Mar 6, 1982)

It's Fascinating to read/understand Ayan Rand...
Being an avid reader sometimes I buy books - just to keep them in my library shelf for sake of collection for future reading. There was a book in my library called 'The Fountainhead'. I never read it for years but one fine day (two weeks back) I said heck...what is that fat book doing waiting for me to read? I just started and then hoped that this book must not end. It bought me to understand, appreciate and be in awe of a great writer, philospher ....
After reading 'Fountainhead' and now reading 'Atlas Shrugged' I cannot but be in awe of this great writer, playwrite, philospher, screen writer and very, very talented women. Wish she was alive...
Atlass Shrugged...tells about the "role of the mind of a man" and it eventually explores a new morality , that of - rational self interest - Objectivism. And all this coming from a women...Ayan Rand and in times of 1950's in USA

Ayan Rand's heros are Howard Roark, Dagny Taggart, Hank Rearden, Fransisco D'Anconia, agner Danneskjöld or John Galt - powerful individuals, have integrity and passion that cannot be challenged and that's what I like. They are passionate with extremes and with a vision... They exist because they love their professions with zeal and pursue their happiness. They do not complain like other characters that you read in other novels or see in some movies.

(By the way 'Atlass Shrugged' is being made into a movie and presently is in pre-production/scripting stage as of 2008)

While 'Atlass Shrugged' has many characters and issues of railroad, government, sex, music, politics, philosphy, science and above all human ability its 'Fountainhead' that has one major character Howard Roark - she wrote this for more then 6 years, got rejected by many publishers , even got critisizm but due to word and mouth became the best seller. (Even today her works are sold in millions and best seller's list)

Ayan Rand's The Fountainhead's protagonist is Howard Roark - a school dropout architect, his struggle against what Rand described as "second-handers"—those who attempt to live through others, this also has a love story and some of the writings are marvellous. This fiction novel has other interesting characters and antagonists (one is Toohey) but while reading this the curious reader is going thru topsy-turvy ride as to who are friends and who are enemies...and giving the feeling how this story is going to end.
'Atlas Shrugged' was the last fictional novel of Ayan Rand. I wish to tell my friends to read the two works of Ayan Rand and even today (recession time) those of her thoughts still hold true. If you guys want to understand her philosphical opinions read Atlas Shrugged (1000 pages) novel but in the last chapter "This is John Galt Speaking" you will find her philosphy of individualism - the role of the mind of a man! And yes man has a profound right to be "Happy" all these written by Ayan Rand...A women whom I admire.

Will want to write more on her...peace to her