Monday, January 5, 2009


It all depends how much you are convinced... Call it unopposed thought or undisputed faith of yours, It all depends how real you feel with its creation... Call it the only genuine idea you give to law of attraction
It all depends how much inside it is in your present... Call it conviction or certainty of your future, When it made you strong in your being so vast... Call it honest language of your ancient soul of past
You may err with it, yet in vast expanse just genuinely carry it along... A guiding light through darkness where your future belongs It isn’t contradiction to nature, yet you may not know it well to be your destiny Yet when you nurture with it, inside your being, you feel strong
Kaizen, you have it all along but have just forgotten to nurture, The affirmations of your being to achieve... A dominant thought of your mind paves way to future, Its just one word…Believe! Believe! Believe!