Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dilli Diary: Hero of India: …The incredible Kiran Bedi! Yes Maam!!!

Another section that we have in our film "MY LITTLE BIG WORLD" is Children as nation’s asset! the future contributors of modern India! How they will empower India, How they should have strong belief system, What is needed from parents part, what is needed from their part...
We did not want a politician because... who knows what scam may befall or what party they may jump and since it’s a children film, we wanted someone who is known, identifiable, respected, looked up to and admired!
Kiran Bedi! Why not Kiran Bedi? I asked my friend Suresh!
But will she be giving us an interview?
I gave my friend the email and contact details and prayed that if she is a part of this little world, it would be a big world!
Well, to our surprise, after giving the details, we got a call from her office staff (thanks Jaspreet)…they are very proactive people and immediately gave the specific date and time! Phew! Very quickly we had to plan the trip, book the studios and technicians!
When our unit reached the place, I was talking to one of the security person how we will keep the lights and how we are going to shoot and at what exact time we will enter/exit…what I did not know… that Kiran Bedi Ji was watching us from first floor balcony and she said "Shoot this film in garden... in natural light,because its children is right place... ok"…I was thinking like wow…here is THE Kiran Bedi! And looked up to her with respect, mumbled…"Yes Maam"
So we go to garden…But where will she sit? I go to her office again to get the chair so that she is seated and hope she is comfortable for the shoot. Exactly at the given time (that her office staff informed) mind you not even a second’s delay she comes and says "Why not I stand? I don’t want to sit and give interview!"
Yes MaaM’. (I thought ... better! It would look sporting! And very the message goes to children)

She asks for the script, I had already written to her that she can tell extempore (shez the best speaker) but the best part is she asked about continuity, what happens before her interview comes in the film and she tells me to ask questions for further cue…and everything is ready...ACTION....there she goes…once the camera starts…magic happens! And the best part is she is aware of her continuity too! I wish every celebrity was like her!
I just don’t like to say cut! She speaks with such an belief…enthusiasm and conviction that instead of telling cut…(after her speech is over) I smile at her raise my thumbs-up sign and then ask the questions…just wanted her to speak as much as she can but she sensed it! She said do not keep interview part for long! Now I did not say “Yes MaaM” ! :)
After the shoot, one of the producers of “Aap Ki Kachecheri” was there for a meet. Her shooting got completed at the exact time as it was mentioned in the mail (Kya time management hei) We took photographs, and yes, I since long have been inspired by Kiran Bedi ; when I was a kid and took her autograph on one of her books “Empowering women – as I see”

At the garden I saw a woman with her kid waiting. With tears in her eyes, she was telling her problems (education for girl child or specifics I don’t know) to her and concerned Kiran ji listened, and within minutes of her listening she told her to meet secretary in her office, and instantly she fixed her problem! Now … this is amazing…how many patriotic Indians do I know who actually do it in word and deed! Few…very few…and that’s why she got Asia’s Nobel…and many, many piles & piles of awards…
She is the real hero of India…the best police women, tennis player, NCC cadet, a real social activist, people say she is retired…No she is Active....more active then before. I find her to be very active (over active is understatement) as in interview she told there is nothing called holiday…does heart stop..No!

I found her to be ace in time management…great public speaker…a great author…well read, a good prison reformer (as she bought reforms, yoga & meditation in Tihar Jail), she is articulate, serious, wont take crap attitude, yet she manages to smile, don’t know how…she is the Kiran Bedi…hero of India! And there is only one Kiran Bedi…if every Indian state would have more Kiran Bedi’s then…India would really rock!

Jai Hind! To women of India!
Jai Hind because in a span of just three hours our unit could meet two great women who got India Asia’s Nobel prize!
It was a fruitful & satisfying experience women who have changed the way we look at modern India! Both the women and their staff were very helpful. Hope others can take a leaf or two.

To know about Kiran Bedi’s pro active works, you can visit, and incase your local police is refusing to take your complain visit and just to catch Kiran Bedi on TV…see star plus show…”Aap Ki Kachcheri – Kiran kay Saath” It’s interesting!