Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I will be away for a while...

I will be away for a while...
Have to edit 3 films...
Have to digitize two films...
Have to complete entire post production, dubbing, music and final mix...

AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Still doing logs for edit.  Still the films are only 50% of their production limits.  Wish I had 48 hours

SUNDAY OFF:  Saw 2012 - the movie !  What a wonderful film this is!  I do not know if this film will fascinate so called intellectuals or cinema people but I found the film special effects and sound design brilliant. John Cussak did a wonderful acting and there is one gypsy like character who operates an FM radio, his character and acting is good,  a little girl in the film is very cute...and overall this film is good.  A day off and watching this film...a typical Hollywood film for amusement.

But will the world end in 2012?  I do not think so...the Mayan calendar that was designed ages ago  cannot be taken seriously because time changes and what prediction that were prevalent at that time, those Mayans cannot predict the events that are today.  As far as Bible predictions are concerned, people have made just speculations.  I think the media people who have nothing to report in TV channels would just want attention of its viewers for dooms day predictions.

But the film is just awesome.  Go watch it for sheer experience - a kind of experience those Hollywood guys are crazy about.

MONDAY: Just finished the rough cut of film "My Little Big World".  For whole night have to finish the music as I have taken up the sound design of this film.  Hope to complete this film by week end.

TUESDAY: Being busy can be taxing...its not the are the ants who are busy.  Took the day off - the Tuesday to do "Nothing"!  Ahhh the joys of being waking up when your body says to, the joy of being oneself, being with family, enjoying home cooked food - taking an afternoon siesta, going on long drive, eating evening snacks, and then enjoying the company of relax, revive and rejuvenate so that the next day I can be creative, productive - Just sharpening the saw.

TUESDAY NIGHT: How can a film maker keep emotional distance from his work?  Just when I relax, I could not be away from the studio.  Returned after fine tuning the film for sound works and probably 80% of edit cut is over.  HA...a break ...naah let me finish it.

WEDNESDAY 2:32 AM - The morning (Pre-dawn) is right time to start sound works.  Starting other two films post production as well. Wonder, what my audiographer who does sound mixing gave this hour of night.  A nocturnal bird! Ha...But the work does go smooth, the tracks, the dubbing, the mixing of real sounds with fake ones to get maximum effect for rural awareness films.  Feeling fresh as mountain dew...good morning!

THURSDAY-TUESDAY 1:00 AM - Finished one out of 3 films!  2 more to go in this fortnight.  Saw Hindi film De Dhana Dhan - a comedy to relax and leave your brains out of cinema.  Good film.  Have music sittings, vetroscope corrections with the films so that they are telecastable format.  Hope to finish work soon so that  I can leave on holiday.

Wednesday 1:51 AM = Finished a short film.  Saw 'Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani' to get break from monotony.  I thought Ranbir Kapoor is really good actor and Katrina compliments him.  Raj Kumar Shantoshi's film reminds me of 'Andaz apna apna' film a great comedy.  Have to re-digitize some of the rushes for another film and sent to Chennai. Have an edit till noon and then a shooting tomorrow for an NGO.  Hope the day goes well while I hit the bed.  Good night

Friday 2:30 AM - Finished edit and today also had a shoot on awareness of issue of Leprosy.  Shot with talented actors Siddharth Narayan and Shruti Hassan. Both the heart throbs of this generation x.  They are so professionals, value time and eager to help for a cause.  Siddharth really is very cultured and educated boy.  Even for a awareness interview he re , re read the script and got every word perfect.  So much hard work.
Retiring for the day so that tomorrow I can finish some of pending works.