Friday, December 18, 2009

Avatar - all hyped up!

This film is the costliest film ever!  Too much of publicity went even before its reliease.

Why would the makers release the trailor months before and some scenes for Indian film industry?
Why would they held seperate premiere for the same guys?

The idea was to create buzz.  To create publicity.

Those Hollywood people just need over seas money from Asian film industry.

Ok Avtar is not a bad film but I thought 2012 was better because for a film like 2012 all you need even before watching the film is how the world would end and the film achieves that expectations.  Where as Avtar instead of story, they went about the passions of director as to why for ten years he was busy and all that blah blah.

Watch Avatar without expectations and you will feel its just another Hollywood flick.  Dont know why our very own Ramgopal Varma is god worshiping James Cameron and giving him status of all films will be like before Avatar experience and after Avatar experience.