Monday, February 28, 2011

The Monkey and the Cap Seller (Remake)

There was a cap seller. He went from town to town to sell caps. Sometimes he had to pass the forest.

At night he kept his caps and slept under a tree. In the morning when he got up his caps were missing.

He looked here and there and heard some noise and he looked up and saw that the monkeys had taken his caps.

The cap sellers threw stones on the monkeys and the monkeys threw mangoes to protect themselves from the cap sellers.

The cap seller had an idea. He took his cap and threw it on the grass. The monkeys also threw the caps on the grass.

The cap seller took the caps happily. ~The End 


The cap seller always use to say this story to his grandsons and after a few years the same situation arises to one of his grandson, when he was resting under a tree  some monkeys took all his caps. Then he remember the story said by his grandfather. He took his cap and threw it on the ground. Then he waited for some time for monkeys to do the same thing but it didn’t happened and one monkey came down and slapped him on his face and said 

“Even we had grandfathers buddy”